The Mongolian Cultural Center


7th Annual Mongolian Studies Conference

Co-Hosted by

The Embassy of Mongolia

 In partnership with

Mongolia society


The Institute for Defense Studies 

MAY 3-4, 2013

The Embassy of Mongolia

2833 M Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20007

Media partners:

UMON TV (www.umontv.us)




08:30-9:30      Registration & Breakfast


09:30               Opening Remarks


H.E. Altangerel Bulgaa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the United States of America


Saruul-Erdene Myagmar, President, the Mongolian Cultural Center


10:00-12:00    Panel One – Current Social Issues in Mongolia

Moderator: Delgerjargal Purevsuren, Ph.D (Mongolian National University)


  • Tumendelger Sengedorj, Ph.D (MongolianState University of Education)

Workplace gender equality issues         

  • Saule Satayeva, Ph.D (Photo and Sound Recording Documents of Kazakhstan)

The History Migration to Mongolia in 20th Century in the Archival photodocuments: recovering and Preservation the Richness of Nomadic Culture

  • Batbaatar Jamiyansuren, Ph.D (Mongolian State University of Education)

* Development of social media in Mongolia and current trends

  • Purevsuren Byambakhishig, Ph.D (Mongolian University of Science and Technology)

* Language policy and Foreign direct investment; Mongolia from 1990 until now



12:00-13:00    Lunch



13:00-15:00    Panel Two – History of Mongolia

                        Moderator: Gantulga Tsend, Ph.D (Mongolian State University of Education)


  • Boldbaatar Yundenbat, Ph.D (Mongolian University of Science and Technology)

* Understanding and perception of ancient Mongols about earthquakes and volcano eruptions

  • Delgerjargal Purevsuren, D (Mongolian National University)

* Ancient Nomads and Chinese

  • Enkhjargal Damdinsuren, Ph.D(Mongolian National University)

Mongolia in Diaries of Roy Chapman Andrews

  • Bolormaa Oyunchimeg, Ph.D (Mongolian University of Science and Technology)

* James Gilmore’s critique for “Among Mongolians”



15:00-17:00    Panel Three – Arts and Culture in Mongolia

                        Moderator: Saruul-Erdene Myagmar, Ph.D (Mongolian Cultural Center)


  • Andrew Colwell (Wesleyan University)

Mediating Cultural Visions and the Transnational Promotion of Khöömii (Throat-siging

  • Emily Wilcox, D (University of Michigan)

Authoring Culture: The Creation and Significance of the Mongolian “Cup and Bowl Dance” in China

  • Uranchimeg Tsulten, Ph.D(University of California , Berkeley)

Jebzundamba’s Visual Hagiographies

  • Sunmin Yoon, Ph.D (Kent StateUniversity)

Dörvön Nastai Khaliun: Reworking Timeless Tradition in Contemporary Mongolian Urtyn duu and Ardyn duu



17:00-17:30    Short Introduction and Q & A session with Benj Binks, the director of a documentary Mongolian Bling – Discovering the Roots of Hip-Hop in the Heart of Asia

The film will be screened the day before, May 2nd 2013, at the True Reformer Building on 1200 U Street NW, Washington at 6 PM. Entrance fee is $10.         

18:30               Reception in Honor of Conference Participants

Hosted by H.E. Altangerel Bulgaa, Ambassador of Mongolia to the United States of America




08:30               Breakfast

09:00-10:50    Panel Four –  Literature

Moderator: Batbaatar Jamiyansuren, Ph.D (Mongolian State University of Education)


  • Dagvadorj Choisuren, D (Honorary Artist of Mongolia)

* Revitalization issues of Mongolian Literature

  • Simon Wickham-Smith, Ph.D (Independent Scholar)

“A Period of Darkness”:  Mongolian Literature between the Purging of the Intelligentsia and the Death of Stalin (1938-1953)

  • Bilguudei Gaadamba, Ph.D (Ulaanbaatar School at the MongolianNational University)

* Influential people in Mongolian History

  • Baigalisaikhan Sanjaa, Ph.D (Ulaanbaatar School at the MongolianNational University)

* Literary works of B.Baast as the foundational source of study for the modernization of Uriaankhais in Western provinces



11:00-12:00    Panel Five –  Mongolian Language Studies

Moderator: Baigalisaikhan Sanjaa, Ph.D (Ulaanbaatar School at the Mongolian National University)


  • Ariunbold Uureg, D(Mongolian State University of Education)

* Accepted grammar rules for connecting vowels

  • Saruul-Erdene Myagmar, Ph.D (Mongolian Cultural Center)

* Explanation of Zeno paradox based on the structure of Mongolian words



12:00-13:00    Lunch


13:30               Mongolia Society – Annual Membership Meeting


14:00-16:00    Panel Six – Mongolia Society


  • Joe Buchman, Ph.D

Sundance and the Blue Heaven: A brief content analysis of Mongolian language, and Mongolian-related films screened at the Sundance Film Festivals:  1984 to 2013

  • Andrei Znamenski, Ph.D

Country on Backburner: Mongolia in Geopolitical Plans of Roman von Ungern-Sternberg

  • Batjargal, Ph.D

Western Art Performance Education of Mongolia: Past, Present and Future

  • Lin Jihong

Mongolian Traditional Virtue Education

  • Khoroldambaa, Erjen Khamaganova

State Terrorism in Mongolia during the Stalinists Era 

  • Lyubov Chetyrova, Ph.D

Buddhist Semantics in Architecture and Monuments of Kalmykia

  • Paula DePriest, Ph.D

Worship across the distance in northern Mongolia: a unique form of offering trees used by the Tsaatan’s Balagsh clan. 


16:30               Closing Remarks

Note: Presentations marked with asterisk (*) will be in Mongolian.



12:00               Sightseeing Tour and Informal Party, Great Falls , MD

Hosted by the Mongolian Cultural Center and Sponsors   


                        Featuring:       Mongolian traditional food (khorkhog)

Friendly volleyball matches between 4 teams: Mongolian Cultural Center, Embassy of Mongolia, researchers/presenters and participants


                        Address:          Great Falls Park

                                                9200 Old Dominion Drive

 McLean, VA 22102